Tu Chanming Says

Short Business Visit to Beijing & Acrobatics With Colleagues

Just went I was enjoying my holidays and planning to go somewhere exotic. I got a call from my boss who said that I need to go to Beijing for an urgent business meeting. It's not like in the UK where you just say no, if the boss has promised you a good long vacation. Here, you have to obay. And anyway if I do, it will give me really good points within the company. So there I went, again to Beijing which happens to be my favourite plases for entertainment, and fun. For business, it's not the easiest of places as it is not free from problematic areas.

The best way to go through that experience, is by drinking without a doubt. So that's what I did and lot's of it. That actually usually turns out to be good fun and the guys were in for something special so.. as I had went to see the acrobatics last time with the May Tours company. This is where I took them in the end.

Performing Acrobats

I didn't mind seeing the show again at all, since chaoyang acrobatics is one of my favourite shows in China. Somehow it had gotten even better. And after those drinks and cheerful crowd, everyone was glued to their seats watching the show. Now did you know that these acrobats start their career at age 3? Sounds incredible, but that's what I learned. And it made me respect them even more and look carefully as to what they really are doing. Sometimes it feels like watching a movie, because the tricks are so amazing that it's hard to believe they are real. But once you get through that "wow", and start understanding the amazement and precision and skill that is put into it. Those somersaults have been practiced millions of times before they are able to do them all day long.

It almost looks as if they are not taking it seriously, just too easy. But I know that the bosses there are taking it very seriously and seeing someone fall for example would lead to a big problem. While the audience couldn't care less, the administration is very strict and want to produce only the best.. within the huge competition of Chinese theatre performances.

That's another big difference with Hong Kong. Beijing just seems cold at times, but because of that systematical numb feeling as I like to call it. People deep down are super warm, and just fantastic once you learn to trust them. In Kong Kong a lot of people hide behind the commerciality and might look warm on the outside, but some are cold inside unfortunately.

I was just joking in my head, how a good acrobatic workout would do some good to people. But seriously thinking, it's just not something anyone can do. If in town, head on to Chaoyang Theatre at 36 North East Third Ring Road and you wont be dissapointed. Or invite me to come with you, I want to go the third time to see it! Hah, hah!

Back to vacations and "thinking mode" in Hong Kong --->

Pssht! Tu Chanming <3

First Thoughts Lamma Island

Usually after a long period of working, the first thing I do is escape to one of the islands in Hong Kong. My absolute favourite is the "Lamma Island", which is not much inhabited by tourists and such. It's an extremely relaxed place, and a huge island too. Basically it's easy to get lost over there, just walking for hours until the sun goes down. In fact, many times I've been just walking around and realised that I have no light and have to walk in the darkness. That's a pretty exciting form of travel too.

And not forgetting my photographic roots, please check this wonderful picture from the Llama Island.

Picture from Lamma Island

As you can imagine from that picture, it's a small fishing town. There are several restaurants, where you can eat gorgeus sea food. It's a total brain reset and it makes me think about future plans. This is where I usually get my ideas for travel. Of course, all accompanied with a good cold beer.

For folks who come to Hong Kong. Come and see the island, it's just a small ferry ride away (30 minutes or so) and you get to see the other side of life here!

Best wishes,

Tu Chanming

Working too Hard

Or should I say, working AGAIN too hard. But it was definitely worth it. I think you have to be Chinese inorder to enjoy this kind of masocism, in the way that you work like crazy inorder to have a little holidays. Well, luckily for me I am from Hong Kong and not from the mainland China. So I can get a good pay here, and when I go to the mainland I live like a king. But expenses in China have gone up recently, and it doesn't look like getting any better. It's because a lot of Chinese have gotten used to a comfortable way of living. Me included I guess! Except that for the people in the mainland, it's a relatively new thing.

And that causes them to go through all the mistakes that the western, and modern Asian world has already undergone. Unfortunately in terms of natural resources and such.. it's a worrysome issue indeed. I wish that the western world waking up was enough, but unfortunately China is probably the biggest challenge humand kind has faced so far.

But it doesn't look to positive for Hong Kong either. It's really a place for consuming. Luckily we have many islands that we can escape to. But my curiousity often overflows, and that's when I head on to the mainland. It's really a place of wonder and not to be missed. That being said, if you have never been to places like Beijing or Shanghai, or even Xian. I would warmly recommend doing so while it is too late.

Too late? Yep. The government will change without a doubt. When is the only question and they are pushing the breaks very hard now. It's getting more and more strict over there, and in a sense it's going back to it's so called "roots". That's why now is the time to witness that, and when things have changed you can say that you know what you are talking about.

Knowing history on a personal level is important so that we can spread it and never forget.

Good to be back to normal life for a while!!! --Tu

Memories of Beijing Trips

Hong Kong has been busy. In fact, way too busy. Usually I have a lot of time to travel, or if I don't I make sure that I organize the time no matter what. I guess it's the difficult time sin economics or just a situation in life, that it's been several months already without travel. Which is not normal in my case!

But at least I have my memories, and loads of pictures to look back at all the things I have done in the past. It doesn't help me concentrate at work, but it does help me to unwind and relax.

I was just remembering how beijing acrobatic my last trip was. You wouldn't think that a Chinese would love Beijing so much, but it's true. Not because I can talk their language and it's easy to go around. It's just because Beijing is, what it is. And one of the things it definitely is, is an amazing city for acrobatics and other performing arts.

It's a real pitty that we don't have an acrobatic show like that, here in Hong Kong. I have searched and searched, but haven't been able to find anything as nearly as good. I guess the only way to satisfy my acrobat needs, is to visit Beijing again. But I'm looking at other destinations too... one of my dreams is to travel to Mongolia!

Let's see what the wind brings for me in the not too distant future.

Best wishes,

Tu Chanming

Back in Hong Kong

I'm back in Hong Kong.. and it's good to be back. Spring has been on it's way for a while and Summer is knocking on the door. Hopefully things will turn up, OK. I for one, have resoluted not to work too much this year.

People who work often forget that they should enjoy their free time too. I for one, am buying free time with my work. And it's soon time to enjoy!

The Funny Face of Opera in Beijing

One of my most enjoyable experiences in the history of photographing faces.. has to be the Beijing Opera! The twists and turns of face muscles as the actors display overly strong emotions, enhanced with a twisted sense of humour is unforgettable. Especially in picture form where you can halt those perfect moments and memorize them for ever.

On my previous trip there, I caught a show at the Liyuan Theatre in Beijng where one of the oldest troupes put on a hilarious performance. Right in the heart of Beijings 'Xuanwu District" also known as 'Peking Opera District'.

No need to hold your laughter while watching this beautiful Chinese tradition!

Liyuan Theatre

Liyuan Theatre 2

Liyuan Theatre 3

Liyuan Theatre 4

Liyuan Theatre 5

Cath the daily show at 7:30PM at 175 Yongan Road in Beijing.

Pictures From Xiamen

As promised here is a few shots from the city of Xiamen, just like I promised. I really treasured this wonderful experience and will definitely visit again. Also it's usually warm, so it's a great getaway if you are looking for warmer weather in China. Another bonus is the Taiwan is really close by!



My Trip to Xiamen & Gulangyu Island

I did a little trip to the beautiful island city of Xiamen in mainland China. It's considered as one of the cleanliest cities in City, however I doubt this is true. This island is located more toward the east of the Southern part of China. If you head more weswards you can still find more beautiful and clean but smaller cities.. Xiamen however for this size is just about right in cleanliness.

My favorite spot is not the big island itself, but a smaller island just a short ferry trip away called Gulangyu Island. This island is slightly touristic but not bad.. it's filled with the cutest buildings and delicious restaurants.. as well as atmospheric bars. No visit to Xiamen is complete without visiting this island. You can stay there and spend time basically walking around endlessly, finding new things to see, do and eat.

I have lots of friends who study at the Xiamen university which is very famous.. especially for language learning by foreigners. Everyone loves to take the ferry to Gulangyu island and drink up! So that's what we mostly did there.

I might have an opportunity to share some photos too.. later. For now I am recovering from all the tequila I drank.